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EarlyScores FAQ

Is EarlyScores safe?

At EarlyScores, student safety is our top priority. We never store any of the information that comes through our servers. Additionally, we offer other methods for viewing your AP Scores early, such as our free online AP Score proxy.

Only one of my test scores is missing? Can you show it to me?

Sadly, we show you only what College Board shows us. If you tested in the June 22–30 exception testing window or submitted your exam responses via the backup email submission option in any of the testing windows, your scores should be available by August 7. You'll be notified by email when delayed scores are available

It keeps giving me an error?

If you keep getting an error when trying the online score form, you should try to use the EarlyScores Proxy. If the proxy doesn't work - it is possible you need to wait for your scores to release on the CollegeBoard website.

EarlyScores is open source!

We publish our source code every year because we want to be open about how our site works. View the EarlyScores source code here.

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