EarlyScores is the saafest way to get your AP scores early.

Is EarlyScores.com safe?

Published June 9, 2019, 5:28 p.m.

EarlyScores.com has been providing students AP scores early for the past 5 years. Over this time, we have been asked time and time again, "Is EarlyScores.com safe?" "Can I trust my username and password to EarlyScores.com"? We wanted to finally set the record straight, and make sure everyone has the confidence that their information is 100% safe with us.

Focus on safety first

EarlyScores started out as a way for a few friends to check their AP scores early. Since we went to high school in Florida, we would frequently need to wait many days after the scores first came out to see what we got. This quickly became old, so we wanted to figure out a way to see the scores earlier. We developed a way to do it all online, and best of all it didn't need to save any of the information involved in finding the scores in order to fetch them.

As more people started using EarlyScores, we kept this focus on safety. By making sure that we never store any information when users look up their scores, we don't have to worry about data breaches, which are the leading cause of password and account leaks nation wide. EarlyScores is essentially a small browser packed into a website. Logging in to the college board website using our software is no different than logging in to the college board on your web browser.

EarlyScores Proxy

While we know that it will always be a little "sketchy" to enter your CollegeBoard account information into our website, we provide a free-to-use proxy service that allows you to navigate directly to the CollegeBoard website in your own browser - you never need to enter your sensitive information into the EarlyScores application. There is no safer way than using the web proxy to check your scores! The only downside to this method is that setting up a proxy can be a little difficult, but our proxy page can walk you through the steps for any device.